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Why affiliate marketing is utter bullshit

So you have a mediocre website that gets mediocre traffic. Now you're thinking gee, how can I monetize this traffic?

9/10 times, you will be told that affiliate marketing is where it's at. Well, if you're marketing other people's shit, why not have your own shit that you sell? Why not have a little online store where you sell some cheap shit? Why bother LEAKING traffic to other people and sell their shit when you can just sell your own shit?

Don't have shit? Well, you can buy cheap shit and sell this shit. Others are selling shit too and this shit probably comes from someone who is willing to sell the same shit to you.

Affiliate marketing just redirects traffic from your site to some other site.

There are some big players in the affiliate marketing who want you to be an affiliate marketer for a shitty commission. Why would you redirect your traffic to the big players who will pay you shit?
It's not that hard to have an online store these days so why not have a…

"Create quality content"

That's the biggest bullshit I have heard. What an easy cop out. Your website's not ranking high? Well, create quality content. Focus on the user. Who gives a shit about the user? Not me. You need to do what you want. If you create shitty content, guess what, there's still going to be a market for it because there might be like-minded people like you who gravitate toward the type of stuff you find interesting. Not everyone wants to watch shit being smeared but there are some that do. So I say write for yourself. You should just write so that it makes you a better writer. If you keep writing, you will get better at writing. You might even pick a book up about writing. You might research more about writing. Don't create content for others, create content for yourself. You can't control what others like but you can control what you like so if you like what you write, who cares about others? They'll be on your site one day and onto another site the next day. Besides…

Why prostitution is frowned upon

If a consenting woman decides to spend time with a man for money, why is this frowned up?

I am of the opinion that it is analogous to a cheat code. If you're playing a video game and want to score quick points, you enter a cheat code, gain immunity for a few minutes and score some quick points.

If you pay a woman, you get to short circuit the whole list of what a "normal" woman would do before she would ever consider sleeping with you.

- You have to be this
- You have to have this
- You have to be able to...
and the list goes on.

For a hundred bucks, you just short circuit the whole process and get exactly what you need. You score. This is unappealing to many who have to play the game the hard way and don't want you to use any cheat codes or use a glitch in the game just because they haven't figured out the shortcut and think you're playing unfair.

You're expected to go through each and every level and accumulate a few points before moving onto the next l…

Why you should be serious

You need to get serious if you want to be taken seriously. When at work it's best to be serious because being serious is the only way to be taken seriously. Nobody takes a joker seriously so quit joking around at work. 
You are a lot better off making no jokes than to make a joke and have it be misunderstood or taken the wrong way.  Keep a serious and a professional demeanor and people will respond to you accordingly. Keep it casual and people will consider you a casual employee. 
Think of it this way. How would the CEO of the company act if he were here in front of you. Not only that but how do you expect him to act? Now it's time you acted the same way. If you want to get ahead, you have to be serious.

This Valentine's day...

Tell a woman how much you love her by buying her something and spending money on her.

Show her how much more you care about her by spending more money on her.

Buy her something expensive because that's the only way she'll truly know how much you love her.

She means so much to you so it is only right you spend as much money as you think she is worth to you.

If her company meant so much to you, you wouldn't hesitate spending a lot of money on her because it only shows her how much MORE you love her.

Your love for her can only be demonstrated by how much you spend on her so go ahead and spend a lot so she'll know you love her a lot.

Buy her an expensive piece of jewelry and take her out somewhere because there is no other way to let a woman know that you care for her.

If she means so much to you why not spoil her by going out of your way and way out of your budget to give her what she DESERVES on this day meant for her.

Whatever you do, don't tuck 2 hundred dollar bil…

Why aren't millionaires single?

Because they're millionaires.

If the dating industry wasn't a scam as it is, there are an ever growing number of scams. Namely, the "date a millionaire" websites. Why the hell would a millionaire like me want to get on one of those stupid sites when there are so many other women in real life that are after my money?

Does a millionaire really need to get on a website to find a gold digger? Is it that hard to find them these days? Why the hell are these stupid sites popping up to date rich guys? I have yet to see a single millionaire who is single. All the single millionaires are already dating or in relationships because they have a wonderful personality and are very kind hearted, funny and of course intelligent people!

I really feel sorry for these millionaires who have to sign up onto these sites to find women who can truly love them for who they are. It's so hard to find a woman these days who is only after a man's money and the benefits he can provide. Whe…

Minimum necessary to be your own social media

What is the bare minimum you need to be your own social media?

A phone numberAn email addressA website By having only these 3, you can be your own social media. Your website can be a barebones website. It doesn't have to be fancy and do everything. The most important thing is that it serves as a sticky piece of paper out in the digital space we call the internet. If you can direct people to it, you now give a platform for the public to interact with you. To me, they either fall into one of two categories. 
1. Business website to advertise your business services 2.  personal website if you're looking to write your personal thoughts
1- Your business website keeps business going and lets you showcase your products 2- Your personal website allows readers to link to your content so you can get more readers. End of story. 
A phone number is your point of contact to all the people that decide they want to stay in touch with you. An email is great if you've met people from out of t…

Medium- another pretentious platform

So yet another pretentious platform has come onto the scene and this is Medium.

Now, you can get claps in return for writing articles and posting them on Medium. Brilliant! 
Whatever article you write, you can write on Medium's platform and drive traffic there instead of WRITING ON YOUR OWN SITE where YOU KEEP THE TRAFFIC! 
I mean surely, why do I want people coming to my site. I would much rather have them go to Medium so I can give them traffic. I don't need web traffic. I should just quit my job and be a full time writer for medium so people can go to their website instead of mine. 
By doing this, Medium basically has autocontent on their site. Slap on a website, people hammer out their ideas on your website and you get web traffic. Great! If people are too stupid to realize this, they surely deserve it. I keep seeing OneZero on there so I thought hmm...let's just go to and see what their website looks like. Well, guess what, I was wrong. OneZero on Medium i…

Staying off social media

Never been a big fan of social media and don't have any social media accounts.

Why am I not a fan? Why don't I give a shit about Fakebook, Twatter and any other social media platform that millions of people flock to?

The answer is web traffic.

To me, traffic is the currency of the web and if someone is bringing traffic to a social media platform, this person should be compensated for it. Why would I spend my time posting on Shitbook and have people visit their website when I could instead post under MY OWN NAME and KEEP MY OWN TRAFFIC.

Too many people these days are looking for an easy way out to where they just sign up onto a platform and start posting without realizing that these companies are making millions just because others are using their shitty platform. Why not create your own blog where you post stupid shit nobody cares about? If nobody gives a shit about your photos on Fakebook, you might as well post on a blog where also nobody would give a shit about your photos,…

What are we gonna talk about today?

Last week someone complained of feces on the floor where I work. Not sure how that got there but we're talking shit in the isle of a store! We don't know who did it but we sure did smell something funny. Eww!

So if my readers are thinking about pulling a stunt like this, please don't.