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Fakebook growing desperate

Everybody knows Fakebook. So what's the reason for the new DESPERATE Fakebook ads urging people to join a stupid group?

There are countless stupid fakebook groups. Why the sudden resurgence to join what was already there? To me, this signals desperation as they are clamoring for more user engagement, most likely lost to Twatter or another social media platform.

The fact that Fakebook is actually spending money to advertise themselves is a shock considering Fakebook has the widest reach of them all. Obviously business is going slow for them and they need to somehow justify their stupid platform with its stupid groups to generate more revenue. Business as usual. I think a better way would be for Fakebook to run a publicity stunt with a philanthropic effort. I have never heard of Fakebook making a donation to help people in need so maybe instead of another push to grab more money, perhaps they could do something for the community after having monetized on their data and having made b…

Making the best of a bad situation

So the other day I heard of some guy betting $1 and winning $200,000 online. This made me wonder how here there's a global pandemic and this guy makes money during such a time. It reminds me of a quote "throw a lucky man in the sea and he'll come up with a fish in his mouth".

It seems that there will always be a set of people who come out better off after facing adversity than they were being comfortable. Are you one of those people? Adversity can either bring us down or motivate us to do something. Adversity starts turning the gears in our heads so we are forced to figure out ways out of it and think of various scenarios and plans that allow us to do so. If we were comfortable all the time, we would never have the impetus to innovate, think, and try to pull ourselves out of a situation.

When we face adversity, we are forced to look at our toolbox to see what all tools we have to work with? We are forced to look at the resources we have at our disposal and to ask our…

Wedding rings

What does a wedding ring really mean? What does it symbolize?

In today's society the emphasis on a wedding ring is put very early on. The ring cannot have a small diamond because that would only be understood as the woman not being worth much.

The wedding ring has to be big because that's the only way to signal that she is worth it right? The bigger the ring the more she's worth or is it the bigger the ring the more her husband earns?

These rings are nothing but a way to show off one's resources and to inflate their sense of self. In reality nobody cares about the wedding ring except the husband (for having paid so much), the wife (for it being so small) and the jeweler (for having made a sale).

Someone for everyone?

We often hear "there's someone for everyone" but if there are chances that there is someone out there for someone, there must also be a chance that there isn't anyone out there because we cannot have one without the other. If there os a chance that there is someone out there there must also be a chance thay that there isn't anyone out there.

Of course if one is looking to be entertained, there are always those present whose job or profession it is to entertain. Therefore if you happen to be one of those who for whom nobody is out there, you can still find someone who will entertain you for a few hours. Many people make the mistake of equating being alone with being lonely.

They all have a boyfriend...

...until they don't.

They all are in a relationships, until they aren't.

They're all in love, until they aren't.

They don't care about money, until they do.

They all want to get married, until they no longer want to stay married.

They're all in love with you, until they're in love with someone else.