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OK, so if you know me by now you know how much I hate social media. 
So, from the makers of social media comes another shitty platform. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here is SHITTOK. 
ShitTok is yet another autopilot content generator where attention starved people can post a short clip of themselves doing something in yet another bid to get views. Once again, ShitTok gets free content from users which drives traffic to their site. There is nothing more I hate than hemorrhaging web traffic to someone else when I can keep that web traffic. Maybe I'm greedy like that but really, if you are creating content, why not have it on your own site or blog or something? If you're a one hit wonder then it doesn't matter because you'll disappear into oblivion soon enough and be irrelevant so you don't need anything. 
The idea behind free content is to get web traffic. It's a give and take. You give content and in return you get traffic. Fair enough. But if you generate…

I'm applying for a CEO position.

Looking for a new CEO position. Must pay minimum $20 million.

My skills include:

Ability to fire anyone who gets in the way of shareholder profits.
Ability to lay anyone off if it means the company shares go up by $0.05 (don't worry I was given stock options)
Shaking lots of hands.
I will fly anywhere you want me to in my company jet.
Reading powerpoint presentations
Deflecting blame (and firing them)

Pay must include 401K, stock options and other free shit.

I am a professional parasite capable of effectively attaching myself to a host. Send me a linkedshit request.

Chinese buying Italian businesses

Old news but really? Are Italians that broke and desperate that they would sell to the Chinese after this fiasco?
American CEOs have no qualms about selling their companies to foreign countries if it means they line their pockets with a few dollars. What about the pride of keeping an American company in America? If CEOs are able to exploit a loophole to headquarter the company in Timbuktu so they can get a tax break, well of course they will do it because, dollars. How many businesses exploit this to avoid paying taxes (reduce tax burden) and call themselves "American"? 
Many countries have taken steps to protect themselves from foreign economic takeovers in certain industries but seems like if a CEO can make $0.10 more, he will sell it to another country. Professional CEOs are essentially parasites that run one company, show some upward graphs, do web conferences and then run the god damn company into the ground, take the money and BOLT. Profits not looking good? Hmm...we n…

Getting kicked out of your house

How can someone paying the mortgage on time and being a law abiding citizen get kicked out of his own house?

Simple, live with a woman. Your house is only your house on paper. In real life, your house is her house and her house is her house.

Have you been kicked out of your own house under a BS pretense or excuse? Share your story!

Does lamestream reporting really want to hear the truth?

If you read some piece in a shitty lamestream news outlet with titles such as "we asked 100 men about..." you scroll down after skipping the article (no time for a stupid article) to see how the real world responds ie: comments only to be surprised (or not surprised in today's PC age) to see the comments section has VANISHED like a ghost. Have you ever thought about why the comments section has vanished on so many of these lamestream media outlets?
I have. The conclusion I have come to is that they only want to push what they want to say. If there was a comments section, their shitty articles would be torn apart to shreds by commenters and the general public who would tell them what really goes on and not what people want to hear. Lamestream media simply writes what people are supposed to want to hear. By closing off the comments section, they're not looking for a discussion. They are only looking for a soapbox. Most articles are shit designed not to make you think b…

Chinese virus

This is a virus that came out of China so why don't we call it for what it is. A Chinese virus.

No bats, no feces, just bullshit. Viruses this infectious and severe are not found in nature. Where are the "bats" that are the supposed vector? Chinese govt not talking too much out of fear of accidentally exposing themselves? Well, they can be sure whatever they have developed seems to work.

Not convinced about the batshit crazy story when so many people are getting infected and dying.