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Is it a relationship or an arrangement?

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The best productivity app

The best productivity app is the power button.

Once you turn it off you are able to be more productive.

It's always tempting to try and find the next app that will track screen time or other usage metrics but then you'll spend time looking at those metrics and this spending more time on that app. So if you did happen to save some time you'll spend this surplus time on the app.

If you want to be more productive just turn off your phone. Set a specific schedule where if you want to get something done within a time frame, you turn off your phone. This way you get into the habit of turning off your phone and getting more done. The phone can be both a blessing and a curse. It's up to you how you use it that determines this.

Everything will be right back to where it was once you turn on your phone. The more took look at your phone and check it,the more you will want to do it. The more you turn it off, the less attached you will be to it.

How to get web traffic II

Previously I talked about how you should write for yourself. I realized I didn't answer the question. I only talked about why you shouldn't care. Therefore, I'll answer the question so I don't have a guilty conscience.

If you want to get visitors to your site and don't have a huge ad budget, try picking up an expired domain name with a lot of backlinks. Or you could try coming up with a domain name that users type into their browsers. Something someone might type into the URL bar to search for. Harnessing type in traffic is one way to get random people to your site without spending top dollar.

Previously on Feroxis...

"One post a day".

Guess what, no more 1 post per day. If you have a topic you'd like me to discuss then go ahead and use the contact form. If I like the idea, I'll see what I can write about it from my perspective.

Other than that a quick post today is how ads ruin everything. Adsense called and begged me to enable it on this very popular blog and I told them NO.

All jokes aside, ads just ruin the user experience. Unless you have an ad with a busty broad. Otherwise, ads ruin EVERYTHING. They're too loud, too annoying and a nuisance. I decided this blog will be ad free. If you'd like to flick a few bucks this way, feel free to contact me and I'll send you a link. If you'd prefer sending crypto instead, I can do that too. More posts on crypto coming up in the future as it seems crypto is making a comeback after being down in the dumps.

So back to advertising. They're loud, obnoxious, bright and piss me off. Frankly, I hate TV and have never spent my…

One post a day

One post a day means 365 posts a year, which isn't too bad if someone finds this blog a year or two later as they will have enough material to read. 
Let's see how this works out. For some it's youtube videos but for me, it's writing. 

Why affiliate marketing is utter bullshit

So you have a mediocre website that gets mediocre traffic. Now you're thinking gee, how can I monetize this traffic?

9/10 times, you will be told that affiliate marketing is where it's at. Well, if you're marketing other people's shit, why not have your own shit that you sell? Why not have a little online store where you sell some cheap shit? Why bother LEAKING traffic to other people and sell their shit when you can just sell your own shit?

Don't have shit? Well, you can buy cheap shit and sell this shit. Others are selling shit too and this shit probably comes from someone who is willing to sell the same shit to you.

Affiliate marketing just redirects traffic from your site to some other site.

There are some big players in the affiliate marketing who want you to be an affiliate marketer for a shitty commission. Why would you redirect your traffic to the big players who will pay you shit?
It's not that hard to have an online store these days so why not have a…

"Create quality content"

That's the biggest bullshit I have heard. What an easy cop out. Your website's not ranking high? Well, create quality content. Focus on the user. Who gives a shit about the user? Not me. You need to do what you want. If you create shitty content, guess what, there's still going to be a market for it because there might be like-minded people like you who gravitate toward the type of stuff you find interesting. I say write for yourself. Write as if you are talking to yourself. Your goal shouldn't be to have a blog that monetizes. You should just write so that it makes you a better writer. If you keep writing, you will get better at writing. You might even pick a book up about writing. You might research more about writing. Don't create content for others, create content for yourself. You can't control what others like but you can control what you like so if you like what you write, who cares about others? They'll be on your site one day and onto another site …