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"One post a day".

Guess what, no more 1 post per day. If you have a topic you'd like me to discuss then go ahead and use the contact form. If I like the idea, I'll see what I can write about it from my perspective.

Other than that a quick post today is how ads ruin everything. Adsense called and begged me to enable it on this very popular blog and I told them NO.

All jokes aside, ads just ruin the user experience. Unless you have an ad with a busty broad. Otherwise, ads ruin EVERYTHING. They're too loud, too annoying and a nuisance. I decided this blog will be ad free. If you'd like to flick a few bucks this way, feel free to contact me and I'll send you a link. If you'd prefer sending crypto instead, I can do that too. More posts on crypto coming up in the future as it seems crypto is making a comeback after being down in the dumps.

So back to advertising. They're loud, obnoxious, bright and piss me off. Frankly, I hate TV and have never spent my hard earned money to go out and buy one. Advertising is always about buy my shit, here's my shit, check out this shit. It's just shit. Ads piss me off because nobody wants to see them. They pop up on every video, every page, everything! Chances are, you've used a product even before seeing the ad.

Because I don't want to piss off readers, I've decided to keep this ad free because I hate ads as much as the next guy. However, if you are a busty broad who would like to advertise, feel free to get in touch with me.


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What are we gonna talk about today?

Last week someone complained of feces on the floor where I work. Not sure how that got there but we're talking shit in the isle of a store! We don't know who did it but we sure did smell something funny. Eww!

So if my readers are thinking about pulling a stunt like this, please don't.


Welcome to Feroxis, a blog where I talk about whatever it is that catches my fancy for the day, week, month whatever, whenever, wherever. Now that you know EXACTLY what this blog is about feel free to browse around. If you have any questions on general topics, go ahead and comment below. Although this blog may seem dead I'll check it every now and then and post some answers to your questions.

What do I have to offer?

Well, that's a good question. I would consider myself a rational person and can generally give some rational advice.

Disclaimer: This blog is for entertainment purposes only. This blog is really not that entertaining in the first place and nothing mentioned on this blog should be taken as legal, financial, medical advice. Talk to your doctor, talk to your lawyer, talk to your financial planner and talk to your accountant before reading this blog. Everything here is fictitious and for fictional fun.

Minimum necessary to be your own social media

What is the bare minimum you need to be your own social media?

A phone numberAn email addressA website By having only these 3, you can be your own social media. Your website can be a barebones website. It doesn't have to be fancy and do everything. The most important thing is that it serves as a sticky piece of paper out in the digital space we call the internet. If you can direct people to it, you now give a platform for the public to interact with you. To me, they either fall into one of two categories. 
1. Business website to advertise your business services 2.  personal website if you're looking to write your personal thoughts
1- Your business website keeps business going and lets you showcase your products 2- Your personal website allows readers to link to your content so you can get more readers. End of story. 
A phone number is your point of contact to all the people that decide they want to stay in touch with you. An email is great if you've met people from out of t…