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Is it a relationship or an arrangement?

There are times when one must wonder whether their current situation is actually a relationship or an arrangement? If you're with someone you should look closely at why you're in that relationship and also consider your partner's perspective as to why he/she is with you. Many times, one partner thinks it's a relationship, while the other sees it as an arrangement. In such a case, both partners don't see the situation equally and will be equally disappointed at the outcome.

Many cases of "relationships" are not really relationships, but rather arrangements. However, it's not too romantic to think of them as arrangements, so they're often labeled as a relationship for convenience's sake. As they portray this "relationship" to the outside world, they put up a fascade in an attempt to delude others, whereby they unknowingly and sometimes, knowingly deceive themselves into thinking it is a relationship and not what it really is; an arrangement. An arrangement itself is not improper and often, the said arrangement is out of practicality as there is a transactional component to it.

Relationships themselves are first arrangements before they are relationships. We often hear the term business relationship, which would have had to start out as a business arrangement before turning into a relationship. The term relationship is charged with a magical connotation of romance and "love" but in reality a relationship is an arrangement.

Therefore, the next time you're considering a relationship be honest with yourself and consider whether such an arrangement is suitable for you. What are you expected to bring to the arrangement and what is your partner expected to bring to it? If at a certain point during the course of this arrangement you realize that one of you is not fulfilling the terms of the arrangement, it might be best to end it and move on.


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