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A good reason to blog

One good reason to blog in my opinion is that you can't be interrupted. Many things out there are irritating, but one of the top ones is being interrupted. People somehow don't understand the dynamics of conversation. My response to that is I don't give them the pleasure of my conversation and simply move out away from their proximity.

When one expresses themselves in print or online, there's no way to interrupt the written word so it's a good way to get your thoughts across. Not coincidentally, those that interrupt the most are also the least likely to read. It's no surprise that these highly opinionated know it alls don't need to hear what anyone else says because well, they know it all. They are no doubt vociferous in their opinions and never consider facts. Another trait I have noticed (besides a lack of intellect) is that these people rarely ask questions. Naturally, if they know it all, why should they? Asking questions means that someone wants to find an answer and is in search of a truth. A know it all already has the answers (opinions) so they don't feel a need to ask questions and feel there's nothing more to learn. A person who never asks questions will forever remain stagnant in his or her thinking. Not knowing the answers is understandable, but not seeking them is a waste of life. The fact that someone as legendary as Socrates said "I know nothing" shows both his humility, and his intelligence. If he felt he knew everything, we would have never had such a philosopher who despite having been forced to take his own life became immortal.

Thus, writing or blogging allows you to write uninterrupted without having to extend the same courtesy which would not be reciprocated. When you write, you're not interrupted, the topic isn't changed and illogical arguments aren't posited. Writing allows you to state your piece on your terms. Others may criticize or disagree, but it is left for them to do so after you have completed your thought and in its entirety and not mid sentence. 


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