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Why prostitution is frowned upon

If a consenting woman decides to spend time with a man for money, why is this frowned up?

I am of the opinion that it is analogous to a cheat code. If you're playing a video game and want to score quick points, you enter a cheat code, gain immunity for a few minutes and score some quick points.

If you pay a woman, you get to short circuit the whole list of what a "normal" woman would do before she would ever consider sleeping with you.

- You have to be this
- You have to have this
- You have to be able to...
and the list goes on.

For a hundred bucks, you just short circuit the whole process and get exactly what you need. You score. This is unappealing to many who have to play the game the hard way and don't want you to use any cheat codes or use a glitch in the game just because they haven't figured out the shortcut and think you're playing unfair.

You're expected to go through each and every level and accumulate a few points before moving onto the next level where you accumulate more points allowing you to move to the next level. You can't accumulate too many points too fast or else you're cheating.

By short circuiting the list you get exactly what you wanted in the first place. If someone isn't interested in getting to know her, going out to dates, calling her back and waiting for several months to never, then a prostitute would be the obvious answer. Nobody wants you to score easy. Nobody likes to see you score while they scour and scrape the bottom of the barrel looking for any morsels they might find. They would much rather have you join them in picking through trash while they complain there is nothing good to eat in the bin they are rummaging through.

The traditionalists prefer you play the game the hard way and go through the levels. According to them, if the game was not programmed right it's not the program's fault but yours because you're not good enough to clear the level. However, if you feel that the programming is faulty and the game was purposely made extremely difficult you realize there's no enjoyment in it. Thus, if someone wanted to go to the next level despite having tried hard, the option of a cheat code exists. They can enter the cheat code, go to the next level and they're back in the game exploring a whole new level and things just became more exciting.


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