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Minimum necessary to be your own social media

What is the bare minimum you need to be your own social media?

  1. A phone number
  2. An email address
  3. A website
By having only these 3, you can be your own social media. Your website can be a barebones website. It doesn't have to be fancy and do everything. The most important thing is that it serves as a sticky piece of paper out in the digital space we call the internet. If you can direct people to it, you now give a platform for the public to interact with you. To me, they either fall into one of two categories. 

1. Business website to advertise your business services
2.  personal website if you're looking to write your personal thoughts

1- Your business website keeps business going and lets you showcase your products
2- Your personal website allows readers to link to your content so you can get more readers. End of story. 

A phone number is your point of contact to all the people that decide they want to stay in touch with you. An email is great if you've met people from out of the country on your travels or for those out of state. 

Keeping your contact points to a minimum prevents people from having to either contact you on one social platform versus another and you from having to WASTE YOUR TIME maintaining those accounts (which you created using an email address in the first place, and if you forget your password because it has been a while since you logged in, well guess what, you'll reset it using your email). Besides, people are a lot hesitant to switch phone numbers and email accounts than to switch from one social media platform to another. Are you on MySpace? Oh you're on Fakebook? Ah, I see, you're on Twatter...sorry I wasn't sure where to get a hold of you. If you don't believe me, take a look at all those yahoo addresses, the aol addresses, and the MSN addresses and you'll see that email is here to stay and will outlast any social media platform out there because it is the easiest to use and trust me, EVERYBODY has email. 

So what's the point of all this? Well, the point is that it's easy to get carried away with the next social media trend and sign up onto the next platform but any loyal readers, subscribers etc will evaporate the second a social media site starts to lose its popularity and people will move onto the next shiny object. Creating your own site means you get to keep whatever traffic you've built up over the years of posting and answering questions and maybe writing about what interests you (or DISINTERESTS YOU)

So that will wrap up this post for today. 



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